Dogs on Cue Mission: To facilitate the best possible relationship between man and his best friend.
Dogs on Cue is a premiere pet training business offering unmatched expertise in the areas of obedience and behavior modification. Through a combination of techniques taken from the laws of classical conditioning and theories of operant learning, Dogs on Cue has developed a no-fail approach to training and maintains a philosophical belief that “every dog can be trained.”

Based in Houston, Texas, Dogs on Cue was founded in 1991 as Advanced Canine Concepts by Chris Tucker. A lifelong animal lover, Tucker determined to make his career in pet training while a student at the University of Houston. Between practices and games as a center with the Houston Cougars during the memorable 1989 football season, Tucker began training dogs and developing his proven methods.

Today, Dogs on Cue employs a combination of animal behavioral theories with an intense focus on the relationship between pet and owner to produce optimal results that can be used in everyday, real-world situations. The outcome of this emphasis and the use of unique communication techniques is the definition of success at Dogs on Cue: pets and owners who can live together in harmony.

Training, Services and Locations
Dogs on Cue offers a comprehensive suite of dog training services designed to meet the needs of pets and their busy owners. To accommodate your lifestyle and schedule, private lessons are available at convenient times and group classes are hosted at locations throughout Houston, Katy, Tomball and The Woodlands.

Our process begins with a free, in-home demonstration and consultation by a Dogs on Cue professional training specialist. After assessing the dog and discussing your training goals, our trainer will demonstrate Dogs on Cue techniques with your pet to illustrate his potential and ability to quickly learn behaviors. Training packages are then shared and a recommendation to best meet your needs is made. Courses include a combination of private, in-home lessons to ensure the dog performs in his normal environment, and group lessons for socialization and to achieve obedience during periods of distraction by other people and dogs.

From Puppy Head Start to working with older animals, Dogs on Cue is committed to assisting dogs and owners throughout all stages of a pet’s life. Every breed and age is eligible and can be trained. Contact us today to schedule your free demo!

Certifications and Memberships
Dogs on Cue recognizes the importance of continuing education and participates in learning opportunities provided through its membership in the following industry associations.

IACP – International Association of Canine Professionals
APDT – Association of Pet Dog Trainers
PSI – Pet Sitters International

Dogs on Cue also employs trainers possessing the following credentials.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
Dock Dogs Manual Judge