Dog Tags for Veterans is a registered Texas Company ran by Veterans for the benefit of Veterans. Our mission is to serve as many Veterans in Crisis and ensure they receive the benefits earned, guaranteed, and routinely denied, by generations of Presidents.

We sell products and services and donate 100% of all profit generated to established VSO's (Veterans Service Organizations), and where we see gaps in services initiating new programs.

We can also help your VSO or community group, Boy Scouts, Schools, Churches etc, create a joint fund raising program just use the contact page for further informatioin or call the Program Director Barrie Featherstone at (713) 543-1143.

Our approach is non traditional, we do not strive to be politically correct and we are not afraid to call out Politicians, Businesses, and in fact other VSO's if we feel that such an approach is warranted. We are not here to make friends we are here to serve the cornerstone of our Nation's freedom the US Veteran.

For more information please visit us at www.dogtags4vets.com

Thank You for your support!