Dolan Marketing Services, Inc. was founded by Gail Dolan to provide businesses with first-rate marketing, advertising, copywriting, and promotional services that provide breakthrough solutions to businesses that want to differentiate themselves in the market.

Gail has an MBA and 18 years of marketing, advertising and PR experience, primarily in the fields of law, accounting, financial planning, real estate, and health care. The firm blends Gail’s vast business knowledge and marketing expertise with the best creative resources to help clients develop sound marketing strategies, successful selling programs, and effective marketing materials to grow sales and profits.

Dolan Marketing has a reputation for smart, focused content and creative branding. Great copywriting with a clear, distinctive message is central to everything they do. By combining just the right words with eye-catching design, the message comes alive and produces results. Whether it is keeping clients’ names in the media, or creating a compelling brand, professional brochure or web site, Dolan Marketing blends the most capable copywriting, graphic design, print and other resources to achieve impressive results.  

Good marketing strategy has to flex to stay relevant…especially in tough times. Dolan Marketing knows there are many ways to manage and even grow sales today, with smart, cost-effective choices. They help clients choose wisely among marketing options. Today’s cost-conscious clients are finding great value in their public relations services that capture multi-media coverage for their clients, keeping their brand and message at the forefront in their industry.