Hi my name is Cindy Johnson and I live in a sculptural dome on ten acres in Canada's Okanagan.  The inspiration for the domes design came from a sculptor I worked with on a movie set in Kelowna in 2003.  Had I not met Bob I would no doubt have built a typical monolithic dome using a bladder system.

I will be forever grateful to Bob Rock for inspiring this fabulous house and pushing me to get the'Sculptural Monolithic Dome' engeenered and blueprinted.  It took many visits to the engeeners, an architect then back to the engineer to get a blueprint that passed the permit process but we did it, so you can too.

I began writing' Dome on a Dime' as we were building in the summer of 2008 and plan to publish the how to book in spring/summer of 2011.  In the meantime I have developed guides and webinars on how to build this extrodinary design.

The dome is energy effecient, maintenace free and without a doubt one of the strongest homes on earth.  With ten inch thick walls the dome is impervious to fire, wind, quakes and inclement weather.  The beauty of cement, the fires in the Okanagan no longer threaten my home.

Green, earth friendly and $85.00 per sq. ft. I can not imagin living in or building anything else. Come see the pictures on oue site, if your looking for a smarter way to build...this is it.

Visit the Dome Diva's blog site for great information on self-suffeciency and sustainability, from food preservation to plant based remidies.
Passing on age old wisdom and working in harmony with the earth one dome at a time.


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