Plan Dominicana Verde celebrates its fifth anniversary with the launch of Dominicana Verde Awards™ , that will be presented on December 5, 2012 , World Day of the volunteers, in honor of the date decreed in 1985 during the General Assembly of the United Nations. A statuette and a cash prize will be awarded  in 10 categories: social activism, environmental activism, Cultural Activism, Volunteering in your community, social nets Activism, Action for the eradication of hunger, Action for Education, Action for Health, Action for forests, Action for Drinking Water. The award is an initiative of  Plan Dominicana Verde in coordination with international cooperation and private enterprise and to be awarded by a jury of prominent figures. The statuette designed in Germany refers to a drop of water. The event is presented by executive producer Roddy Perez and under the coordination of Nurgul Shayakhmetova.

The Award will be introduced as a part of Alfombra Verde ™ 2012, which will premiere the documentary  Corals and  Coasts. This film was produced by Plan Dominicana Verde with the support of Marcos Diaz Foundation, German Embassy and the Japanese Cooperation Agency JICA.  The phtographic assistance is provided by Phillipe Lehman DR-SS, the bases will be placed in the portal www.dominicanaverde.com. All proposals please send to  to email: premio@dominicanaverde.com in digital format.

The bases will be published on July 20, 2012

Plan Dominicana Verde is a  non-governmental organization that aims to research, disseminate and recognise pro-environmental and social actions of the Dominican Republic.