The California Law Offices of Donald J. Calabria serves clients in Van Nuys, Encino and the entire Valley.  It is always best to have representation when charged with the commission of a crime whether a misdemeanor or felony offense.  A defense attorney can ensure the protection of constitutional rights and best interests of the defendant throughout the legal process in the criminal court system.  Criminal charges are serious and the penalties can be harsh if convicted.  Common penalties can include jail time, large fines and court fees, probation, community service, court-mandated educational and counseling programs.  The sentencing can depend on the type of crime and can increase if weapons were used, gang-related activity, and involvement of minors as well as other factors.  An effective defense can challenge all evidence presented by the prosecution including arrest procedures, warrants, forensics, witness reports, and victim statements.  Let 41 years of experience defending cases work for you.