DONNA LEE COMER as an author of Mystery/Fiction and writer of novels shows her love and passion for the art of writing and making her books available to the public.

Donna was born Donna Lee Baldwin on July 19, 1952 in Airville, (York County) Pa.  Donna graduated from Kennard Dale High in 1969 and married Robert G. Comer of Street, Md. on September 27, 1969.
Donna is the mother of four grown children with six grandchildren. The Comers make their home in Red Lion, Pa  
The Comers are members of Bethany Baptist Church in Airville, Pa. where Donna grew up and is now a Sunday school teacher.

Donna has always been an avid reader and books were always prevalent around their home. The bookcase, shelves or even coffee table always had a Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Danielle Steele and others at her fingertips. After raising four children, the reading and writing never slowed. Donna has written several poems and many were posted in their local paper.
The year 2007 began with an idea!  Donna believed she could write a book.  The Suspense/Thriller novel, " A DAY FOR A DAY " had it's start.  Robert notes that though he was not a fiction reader, Donna's desire to author her own novel was certainly evident as he found her at her computer every evening after work. Robert says after he read the first paragraph, he was hooked.  He says, " It's as though she had been writing novels for years."

A DAY FOR A DAY was published March 6, 2010 and can be found on Amazon.com (Click on books, type in "A Day For A Day")
A Day For A Day is also available on Amazon Kindle!

Donna Lee Comer, with her novel "A Day For A Day" has been featured in two local newspapers-  The York Daily Record "Book Buzz" section, York, Pa. and The Delta Star weekly paper in Delta, Pa. which is near Donna's home town of Airville, Pa.

Donna's Website - www.donnaleecomer.com  
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ISBN/EAN13: 1450549705 / 9781450549707
Page Count:    270
Binding Type:  US Trade Paper
Trim Size:       6" x 9"
Language:       English
Color:             Black and White
Categories:      Fiction / Suspense

Following is an excerpt from her first novel,
" A DAY FOR A DAY "  (Available on Amazon.com)

(Maggie Taylor, a beautiful wife and mother, took her daughter Sarah to a local park. She had only walked away for a few minutes, but when she returned her daughter was gone.
Days later, after appearing on local TV begging for the release of her only child, Maggie discovered a crucial clue about the abductor. Shortly after, a man came to Maggie's home, drugged her, and took her captive, locking her in an abandoned shed.
Meanwhile, Officer Garret, who felt he was hot on the trail of the murderer responsible for little Candy Burns not a week before was now faced with the thought of not only having a serial child molester but could this man have kidnapped the much older Maggie Taylor? This was not the typical serial murderer he studied about. Once evidence is discovered linking the kidnapping of three teenage girls to this case the officer is left no choice but to consider he is dealing with one of the most dangerous men to have ever terrorized a small rural town such as his...... or could there be two?
Maggie, locked away, is faced with the same twisted questions, feeling helpless and losing herself to the darkness alone in her rickety cell. Once, Walter, the man who took her reveals himself, Maggie realizes this is not the man who took her daughter.
Through a web of twisted truths in a chilling tale, find the answers to all the questions. Will Maggie be able to stay alive and find her daughter? Can Officer Garret decipher the clues to lead him to the right man responsible? Is Sarah still alive? Can good triumph over such a horrid evil on so many different leads?)

Donna is working on a second novel. It is also fiction and though not completed as yet, will probably be a story linked to the horror and traumatic life of an abused child, titled "A VICTIM CALLED ANNIE"