We will always publish books that really help people and sustain life changing abilities through sharing experiences, (painful or not), wisdom (that only comes through God) and the understanding (compassion) for all souls.

Donna Savage is a domestic violence survivor and strong advocate, speaking loudly against domestic violence and abuse of any kind within relationships.  With many visions to bring to pass, she hopes to stop and assist as many cases of domestic violence as possible, along with helping to save and restore the lives of victims involved in this relentless crime.  Donna is the Founder/President of the Domestic Violence and AIDS Mission of New Jersey 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation.

www.therapybydonna.com is the therapy website where Donna has established a lifeline to save lives, restore families and break the violent abuse cycle before it's too late through online therapy sessions.  This is a crucial service and such a blessing to be able to reach those who may not have access to anyone in their critical time of need.  embarrassment or exposure.  All therapy sessions are totally discreet, offering help to you with compassion, not conviction.  

HIV/AIDS advocacy is another serious life issue that Ms. Savage addresses through activism and therapy.  There are so many people losing their lives to the disease, still today some 30 years after is was first announced in the United States.  My oldest brother passed from AIDS in June 1992, which thrust me into advocacy Ms. Savage states...I wouldn't want to see anyone else suffer in the manner my brother suffered and I will do all I can to help save lives.

All of the publications through Donna Savage Publishing will address vital life issues that will help people live and not die.