Suzhou Dora Agri-Tech Co., Ltd is a mainly supplier of innovative products and nutritional products for optimizing agricultural and animal production.

At the beginning, Suzhou Dora Agri-Tech was engaged in manufacturing Amino Acids as foliar fertilizer. According to customers’ request, we research and develop new formulations which use amino acids as raw material.

To cater for different market demand, we produce different formulations as below:

Dora Amino 30 Liquid; Dora Amino HQ 13-0-0; Dora AminoVeg 45 (Europe, North America, South America, Australia)

Dora AminoEco 50 (Asia, Middle East, Africa)

Dora Agri also customize formulation based on amino acids, seaweed extract, plant growth regulators. Our goal is produce eco-friendly products to help farmers grow with profit.

Now Dora Agri is engaged in exporting Dora Brand products. Including biostimulants to supply plant nutrition, soil amendment to improve soil micro- environment, feed nutrition, enzymes to strengthen livestock health.

We help our customers, parters become more competitive and achieve sustainable development. We help farmers improve crop and livstock production.