Doris NLP emotional intelligence certification event in Bangalore
Dr. Doris Greenwood, International NLP trainer is reaching Bangalore late July for emotional intelligence certification event will be slated for five days (from 21 July- 25 July 2018) between 9:45 AM to 5:30 PM.

The two days foundation course is for beginners, who desire to discover their own identity, strength, and weakness and utilize them to achieve excellence in life. It is a journey about identifying yourself.

The five-day practitioner course is for NLP practitioner looking to sharpen their NLP tools and techniques, enhancing their skill set and taking their NLP abilities to a different level. NLP practitioners consist of counselors, health and fitness professionals, therapist, teachers, parents and even individuals.

Dr. Doris is delighted to conduct emotional intelligence certification event and is anxious to disclose the power of the mind to the participants. Registration starts from 25 May 2018 and promises to be the biggest emotional intelligence event in Bangalore.
What is emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, manage emotions of you as well as others. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining a cordial balance between the personal and professional life. During the course, you will learn:-

•     Ability to recognize emotions with ease
•     Learning acceptance by releasing all the trapped thoughts and
       negative beliefs
•     Transform fear and stress into greater productivity and
•     Enhancing your personal influence and charisma by significantly
       improving in every sphere of life
•     Learning how to modify the behavior pattern
•     Recognizing own fears, phobias and fixing them
•     Identifying the difference between emotions, behavior, and intention
       by mastering interpersonal skills

What is special about this Emotional Intelligence Program. This program offers:

•     A highly researched and proven pathways identifying who you truly
       are and learn how to facilitate the same in other people
•     Identifying and managing emotions in the most unique way complete
       vice versa to other NLP training courses. This is the most dynamic,
       engaging and out of the box program in India
•     Giving participants the opportunity to utilize the knowledge of our 30
       years experienced trainers. They have been working with people and
       helping them in self-development, therapy, meditation, and NLP
       coaching from the heart.
•     Enhance theater, creative multi­-sensory, and body-­oriented learning
       styles and the power of emotional engagement’s positive effects on
•     Ability to respond to strenuous situations. How to slow down and
       react according to the demand of the situation
•     Learning the art of flexibility and regulating mind, body, and emotions
       according to the situation
•     Developing effective communication and presentation skills to
       demonstrate speaking skills in the interview, presentations, and

To find out more about our emotional intelligence certification event, please register for the event by clicking on the link below:

For details, http://emotionalintelligence.dorisnlp.com/
For the demo, https://bit.ly/2Eq8zfF
Contact Details:
Mobile No. 9049319471
Email ID: info@conscioussolutions.com