My interest and passion are focused on helping people who are looking to take on challenges in order to create a more fulfilling life. I guide them to see fresh possibilities and develop new goals which eventually lead to grater satisfaction with life
To that end I have written an inspirational memoir to show folks how I encountered many adversities, the gifts of which I could only see in hindsight. My life events offer readers an opportunity to resonate with my story and feel empowered and inspired. The book title is "When Life Has Other Plans...Discover the Hidden Gifts" and is available at:

Writing my inspirational memoir was an affair of the heart. I used to be a high school teacher for foreign languages but had always been attracted to non-invasive and regenerative methodologies for healing. Therefore, I studied for many years to become an Alternative Practitioner. Besides being a certified Graphoanalyst (handwriting analyst), I am also a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and a certified Auricular Laser Technician (ear acupuncture).

In my book I describe my experiences with these healing methods and the metaphysical events which occurred.  All the situations I recount are true and I make myself vulnerable so my readers can identify with my emotions and my learning curve. As an educator and natural story teller I use an easy to follow format to get under my readers’ skins.  At the end of each chapter I reveal the gift I received from the lesson I had to go through.

As a certified DreamBuilder Life Coach I also teach dream building courses at local colleges (now via Zoom). I find that regardless of age people can have ‘aha’ moments when they see a former painful event from a new perspective - they discover a gift that they hadn’t seen before, which gives them the peace and harmony that had eluded them. This is in a nutshell the purpose of my book.