Dot Girl Products provides products, resources and information that help parents open up a dialogue with their daughters and prepare them for a positive first step into womanhood. First of all, we enhance the parent/daughter relationship by encouraging dialogue and providing information, resources and a First Period Kit that serves to open up the conversation about what can be a difficult topic. Dot Girl’s signature product, The Dot Girl First Period Kit, is a stylish, discreet carrying case with all the essentials that prepares a young girl for her first period. Secondly, we help a girl through the transition to womanhood in a fun, easygoing way. By being better informed and prepared, young girls will be more positive about their first periods and they will not be such a big deal. Dot Girl offers advice, guides, clothing and books online. We also have a Facebook community to talk about puberty-related topics. And lastly, we offer everything related to puberty and first periods all in one place. Rather than scouring the Internet, parents and young girls can find all the information and links they need through one portal to make this a positive experience. The Dot Girl Moms are experts and offer articles, advice and products to guide and inspire you - all available through our website at www.dotgirlproducts.com