Double Vision (2xV) is a Pop/Hip-Hop band from South Boston, MA consisting of 2 vocalists; Darcy & Point. After years of being solo artists and bouncing around between other groups, Darcy and Point made their final changes by coming together and forming Double Vision in the fall of 2011. The group strives to paint a picture and create a specific atmosphere for each new song and each new project that they work on, in order to allow their followers to see their vision the exact way in which they do. They have become well known for their extremely energetic, fun and engaging live show! These boys are very passionate in every aspect of their musical careers and strive to make each and every moment just as enjoyable for their listeners. They strive to be role models for today’s society and growing generations. They work to show them that it is more than alright to live your life and have fun and to always believe in your dreams but, keep in mind that it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication but, make sure you never let that scare you away from believing in yourself that your dreams will come true.