Doug West Galleries is the studio of national artist Doug West and is based outside of Detroit. A new branch of the business, is the creation and sale of original paintings and prints of Rock 'N' Roll stars from the 1960's through today. Each of these expressionist works of art are painted.by the artist.

Doug West is an American Sports Illustrator whose art has excited the public's imagination for over 30 years. The artist merges impressionism with realistic portraiture. Admirers of his art, cite among other things, that light can be seen in the eyes of the subjects he paints.

His illustrated postcards for The Hockey Hall of Fame and covers for the National Baseball Hall of Fame yearbooks have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. The widely popular Legends Of Hockey Art Cards remain a fan favorite in Canada. His award winning portraiture of traditional families, differ in warmth and scope from his vibrant colored sports art, yet still have the ‘West touch” fans have come to expect.

Since 2006 his paintings for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinee’s Assistance Fund have helped bolster the organization’s fundraising efforts to an estimated $960,000. A portion of this amazing effort is due in part, to Doug West’s lithographs being the highlight of the Merlin Olsen Memorial Luncheon. The luncheon is thrown the weekend of Super Bowl. Attendees of the luncheon each receive an autographed Doug West lithograph at the end of the afternoon.

West currently holds the title of resident artist for the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.

West paints upside-down. He believes by painting this way, his mind is free to explore the human figure as geometric shapes and angles, not as the human form.  These “Lines of Motion.” as West calls them, form the basis of his art today. His work is easy to distinguish from other artists as he completely captures the essence of the subject he paints. His fans agree, making his art among the most popular today.

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