Our mission is to provide a global hub for an interactive and personalized entertainment experience. Dousic Is Committed to helping creators reach their full potential
Stream, Discover, Listen and Interact Live with Your Favorite Terrestrial & Online Radio Stations, Creators and Friends.
Love listening to Music, News, Online or On Terrestrial Radio but fed up with switching in different Apps?

World class services should be available to everybody, not just
those on a major label. We are creating a hive for independent creators to access the tools and services of our platform to increase their chances at making a living doing what they love.
We created Dousic for those musicians who still believe you can’t break through as an Independent. We want to destroy this myth. And for listeners who want to take charge of what they hear, we aim to inspire you to play, listen and support your favorites. Listen to music with your friends, and chat with them, no matter where they are.