About Dovetail Resolutions, LLC

Dovetail Resolutions, LLC is a Connecticut-based mediation and consulting firm with a focus on conflicts that may arise within businesses, particularly partnerships or family-owned businesses, and in the context of estate planning and settlement, and as generations struggle to make thoughtful and respectful decisions involving aging loved ones (elder mediation.)
Mediation is a voluntary, flexible approach to resolving disputes. Parties work with the mediator, and their attorneys or other advisors if they choose, to put an end to the costs of conflict: out-of-pocket costs, distraction, emotional strain, and loss of goodwill for a business or family.
Additionally, Dovetail works with individuals, families, and businesses to help them prevent or reduce conflicts, and facilitates strategic planning and related work for not-for-profits.

About Jane Beddall

Jane Beddall founded Dovetail Resolutions, LLC, a Connecticut-based mediation and consulting firm, after practicing as an attorney and mediator for a number of years. Dovetail Resolutions, LLC is not a law firm. She holds a B.A. from Trinity College, and an M.A. and a J.D., cum laude, from the University of Pennsylvania. She has served as an adjunct instructor at the University of Connecticut Law School and as an adjunct professor at the University of New Haven.
Ms. Beddall has been appointed to the United States Postal Service REDRESS mediation program roster and the American Dispute Resolution Center Commercial Panel (mediation and arbitration.) She is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Executive Committee and the international Association for Conflict Resolution. She is a volunteer mediator for the Connecticut Bar Association and Community Mediation, Inc., of New Haven, CT.
Ms. Beddall is a regular speaker to legal groups, business groups, and others.

Why “Dovetail”?

To dovetail is to connect distinct parts together to create a harmonious whole. In carpentry, the dovetail joint is recognized for its custom, high quality fit. At Dovetail Resolutions, we strive to serve you through creating customized resolutions to conflict that fit each party’s interests. The dove is also seen as the bird of peace, and mediation is a proven method used by many people over the years to bring peace to the table and to end conflicts.

To Learn More

Please contact us if we can answer any questions. The Dovetail Resolutions website has information about mediation and conflict resolution. Ms. Beddall blogs there about conflict resolution in the news and mediation.