Everyone has heard the statistics . . . 75% of Americans describe their lives as “very stressful”. . . anxiety, frustration, and burnout are rampant and with the pace of change, almost everyone predicts it’s just going to get worse! Plus, even though everyone is experiencing more stress than ever, they are also tired of traditional “stress management” and people giving them simplistic answers to life’s complex problems.
In his presentations, Dr. Crawford addresses this problem by first explaining why this level of stress and frustration is so prevalent, and why so much of the advice about how to deal with these problems will never work! Then, using a conversational style that is free of psychobabble, he gives participants a concrete, comprehensive system for shifting to the upper 80% of their brain (the “Top of the Mind”) and accessing the clarity, confidence, and creativity necessary for success in today’s world.

Bio for Dr. Crawford

In addition to holding a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Houston, Dr. Crawford is a licensed psychologist, author of four books, and organizational consultant. Over the last 25 years he has created over 3200 presentations for such organizations as Sprint, Shell, The Texas Medical Center, PBS, and many other organizations and professional associations nationwide. He has a unique perspective on life that he shares with such humor and energy he is constantly referred to as the "Steve Martin" of corporate America.  In addition, his two PBS specials have been seen by over 15 million people and he has been quoted as an expert in such diverse publications as The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Working Mother, The Chicago Tribune, Self Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and Cosmopolitan just to name a few.