Dr. Dan Eichenbaum  is standing up for election to Congress in North Carolina’s 11th District.  Dr. Dan believes Washington has an incumbency problem best solved by term limits.  Dr. Dan put his money where his mouth is by signing the Alliance for Bonded Term Limits Pledge, financially obligating him to keep this promise. For Dr. Dan, bonding one’s term in office is a deliberate and voluntary message of integrity demonstrating that he will not be bought or co-opted by special interests or political agendas.

Dr. Dan is a champion of limited government, personal responsibility, fiscal restraint, individual freedom and a free market economy.  He is a defender of the United States Constitution, the document which protects our Natural Law rights of divine origin, including that of private property as the foundation of personal liberty.  Dr. Dan believes in and stands for a balanced budget, elimination of taxes that punish achievement, debt reduction, sanctity of life, the right to keep and bear arms, secure borders and getting government out of the way of free-market job creation.

As a physician, Dr. Dan adamantly opposes ObamaCare, and will work diligently and tirelessly to repeal this legislation in full.  Dr. Dan’s personal goal is to protect the quality and availability of patients’ health care.  Dr. Dan is also committed to blocking and dismantling Agenda 21, the single most dangerous threat to our freedom.

Dr. Dan graduated from the Yale School of Medicine, Cum Laude, and went on to serve as a commissioned Naval officer during the Vietnam era.  He is a 35-year practicing physician and successful small business owner.   He also has authored 14 peer-reviewed articles, lectured internationally, and holds six US patents. Dr. Dan is proud that he has restored sight to thousands of patients, both routinely and in emergency circumstances, regardless of their ability to pay.

Dr. Dan and his wife, Rhonda, live on their farm in Murphy, NC, where they raised their two college-age children.  

Dr. Dan is dedicated to and greatly loves his family and country and believes it is incumbent upon him to protect them both.