Dr. Deana Murphy is an international renowned award winning author, speaker and advocate for positive change who focuses on strategic implementation approaches to guide busy leaders in releasing their greatest potential in both their personal and professional lives. She is considered an expert in her field of ‘lifestyle branding’ and supports that everyone can cultivate possibility and be more efficient, effective and creative when they are happy and enjoy their lives. Under her brand, Dr. Deana Unlimited, she is a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, corporate and medical professionals who seek ways to build on their strengths and create positive dynamics for the economy.

She is a former adjunct university instructor, she writes for the Women and Third Metric divisions of The Huffington Post, and is recognized as one of the top minority business advocates in her region by The Philadelphia Business Journal. In 2012, Exceptional People Magazine included her in their list of top twenty exceptional business icons. Her research and advice has received attention from CBN, O (Oprah) Magazine, Fine Living, HGTV, Panache Publication, Meredith Books, Empowering Everyday Women and a variety of magazines, radio programs and podcast.