The major intention for creating O.P. Publishing is to offer a simple, effective and inexpensive way for natural providers to promote and market their products and services. Unlike traditional advertising methods, the comprehensive Natural Health & Wellness Connection offers natural providers ample space and time to describe their products and services thoroughly.

The second major intention for creating O.P. Publishing is to provide an effective means to educate the general public concerning the vast array of high-quality providers and practitioners within local communities. The publication caters to practitioners and providers of natural, complementary, green and alternative products and services which may offer tremendous value and benefits to individuals.

O.P. Publishing’s premiere natural resource publication was published in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee in January of 2000. The publication became an instant success. Resource publications have also been published in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Asheville, North Carolina, and Roanoke, Virginia regions.

Natural Health & Wealth Connections are distributed to local businesses throughout the region. The publications are regularly replenished during the six month period they are in print. Print circulation ranges from 2,000 to 50,000 copies, depending on the size of the directory and the demographics of the area.  Website cards, which direct potential clients and customers to this interactive website, are also distributed and regularly replenished.

The company produces annual natural health and wellness expos in the Tri~Cities, TN/VA region.  They plan to expand the expos in other locations
throughout the southeast.

OP-Publishing.com is also an easy to navigate, interactive website for use by the general public and natural providers, which features current downloadable Natural Health & Wellness Connection publications, provider’s display ads, alphabetized basic and category listings, and current information on upcoming local events.