Myrtle C. Means, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist in the Metro Detroit area, who lives with her husband and their two children. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Michigan State University and University of Detroit Mercy, respectively.  She has been practicing for  fifteen years. In her private practice, she provides service to a diverse population, treating diagnoses such as mood disorders, personality disorders, and PTSD (including survivors of abuse). Dr. Means specializes in human sexuality and believes, “Throughout our lifetime we all will struggle with aspects of sexuality: from the young man who has difficulty controlling his ejaculatory response to the postmenopausal woman who struggles with arousal. I want to make these plights more palatable and assist in finding a personal answer to these very personal quandaries. The Recipe for Ecstasy is just the beginning of our long-term relationship”. She is currently conducting research to gather information for her next series of books. To find out more visit her website at www.therecipeforecstasy.com.