Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was created by a normal man and his best friend/wife.

They were beginning to write a book extrapolating the socialism in government and how people were trying to escape it 100 years in the future. During their research, however, their attention turned more and more towards political writing and focus in today's age as many of the worst case ideas they were writing about were beginning to, if not come true, be a lot closer than 100 years off.

May 7, 2009 began the website and it has grown. In three months, 22 writers have teamed up to write about the problems they are seeing in America. Growing from 3 hits the first day to over 10,000 hits in the last 2 weeks, the word seems to be getting out about them very rapidly.

These writers are from far and wide - from home makers to ex union members and from many walks of life.

After writing over 300 articles in 3 months, people have begun to ask drscoundrels to expand and provide their ideas towards a solution to the rapid shift leftward in this country.

The Logical Choice Action Group was founded in early July and has already added 240 members in a few weeks.

Fundraising is about to begin as more and more people join together to present a simple conservative solution for conservative people to get off the sidelines and begin to move forward in building up a true grassroots movement OFF the web.

This site,, is a free to join site that provides ALL conservatives with a central communications hub. It is hoped that all the groups from Campaign for Liberty to Fair Tax to ACP will join together and use one calendar to promote not only their events locally, but state or nationwide events as well to provide one simple location for millions to get easy access to one conservative calendar.

Several smaller sites have joined, and the founders are asking all single bloggers to multi thousand person groups to cross sponsor back and forth with Logical Choice so that they can be the organized voice that the Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists/3rd Way people fear.

"This isn't about egos," co founder Ron Wallace says. "We don't want to steal memberships, but offer a tool to everyone from the Heritage Foundation to the single blogger to more easily get each others messages back and forth about events coming up so everyone around the nation can get involved. We can easily see a time where there won't be just one voice represented at protests - the left choice - but now we are going to start presenting people with a more conservative option - the Logical Choice. We invite everyone to send us links and post our icon on their page and invite their members to participate with us."

It seems that if this group establishes this tool to unite the voice of millions under a simple conservative umbrella, the left may actually have a good reason for concern. Instead of 50,000 blogs and groups all sending out one version or another of the same message, the simple conservative umbrella message that could unite all the groups and allow them to stay independant at the same time could be a master stroke of the right.

The founders are also hoping to attract the attention of Conservative heavy weights, even starting their own Blog Talk Radio show - drscoundrels.

"The message we want to get to Conservative heavy weights is that we have a plan, and we want to provide the communications network that Glenn Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham and others have all called out for. A few mentions or links to our site would promote the conservative message that they espouse and aid the everyday Americans in establishing the movement the leaders in our belief structure are telling us we need to have. If they will help us grow, we'll make a difference.", states Rich Hilts, the other co-founder. "If they want Constitutional and Conservative watch dogs, united, out there working to save our ideals, they can help us get there and we'll make that difference!"