Until now, most fantasy sports platforms (daily and season-long), and content/“hot tip” sites were designed around the fantasy addict. These are the fans that spend 4+ hours every week carefully analyzing which players to pick based on matchups, opportunities/touches, and the field (contrarian picks).

DraftMates was launched to be different. We give fans a way to give to nonprofits while playing fantasy sports.  As much as it is an easier way to play for free or to support nonprofits for the casual fan (or non-sports fan), there are a ton of features that are really attractive to anyone that has played fantasy for years:

– Picking a new lineup each week with simple multiple choice (instead of salary cap drop-down of 100+ players)

– Battle Royale: compete against everyone in the contest each week (not just one other player like season-long fantasy)

– Pick 2 QB’s (non-existent in with daily fantasy where you pick a new lineup each week)

– “Wildcard” pick that is more than just a FLEX; it includes Defenses (and in fact this past weekend - Week 5 - 3 of the highest scoring “wildcards” were Team Defenses)

The #1 feature that DraftMates offers for season-long fantasy players:

Private leagues include in-app chat, so players can easily trash talk their friends while the games are going on. No need to deal with using a different chat app (iMessage, WhatsApp, etc). It can all be done within DraftMates.

DraftMates combines the competition and enjoyment of fantasy sports with the gratification of supporting nonprofit organizations and their causes. With DraftMates, you’re truly competing for a cause.