NeuEnterprises, Inc. is the sole authorized US importer and distributor of DraftMore Automatic Beer Regulators.  DraftMore Automatic Beer Regulators automatically measure the CO2 level in the keg and control the CO2 supply to the beer, compensating for temperature changes.  This ensures the beer is never overcarbonated, even in walk in coolers where the kegs and food are in the same cooler, or for craft beers which are not poured as frequently as mainstream brands.

Users of DraftMore Automatic Beer Regulators report that they serve up to 15% more beer per keg, resulting in $40 - $75 MORE PROFIT PER KEG.  A DraftMore regulator can pay for itself in 5 - 6 kegs, then the bar or restaurant owner MAKES MORE PROFIT EVERY KEG.

DraftMore Automatic Regulators are supported by Carlsberg, Stiegl and other major European breweries.  Over 20,000 units have been installed worldwide.  DraftMore Automatic Regulators come with a two year warranty and a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  For more information, please visit www.draftmore.com or contact us: jamescneu@draftmore.com.