Since the beginning of time the definition of a dream has always been the question of whether or not it's fantasy or a visual expression of your reality.  If you talk to anyone who is successful most, if not all, will tell you their success began and/or was inspired by a dream.

Such is the case with Randy "Face aka Mr. Magnificent" Harrison; CEO of Dream 2 IMG (International Music Group).  "I began Dream 2 International Music Group because I want to put hope and dreams back into the minds and vocabulary of our youth.  People today, especially our teens, are so busy keeping it real and living for the moment that they don't give themselves enough time to dream about tomorrow.  Dream 2 IMG wants to dare everyone to Dream 2!

"Everything I have done in my life from owning my own record stores at 19,  to managing artist, starting my own promotion company and now my own record label started with a dream; I saw myself in that position and then began figuring out a game plan to get to that final destination of success."  explains Face

With that said, Randy aka FACE has put together an impeccable team to take his label from New Rochelle to the world. "I was introduced to Face thru a friend who knew about the success I had with Ruff Ryders when they were in Yonkers and then 53rd St in NYC.  Five minutes into the conversation with Face,  I realized that he has the same zeal and commitment for success necessary to be the next in this business of music." states Amelia Moore (SheEO of Buzz Builder BMC) "I have all the confidence that this new project will make an impact in today's marketplace." She continues; "His combination and understanding of music and business maybe due to his recent acquisition as a club owner has positioned him this time as a serious contender in the business and not a neophyte."

Dream 2 IMG is a full service label. Over the next year Dream 2 and Face aka Mr. Magnificent  will release music covering various formats including; urban. pop and crossover dance music.  “We are in a global world that enables our consumer to be exposed to many different facets of music." states Face.  "I see it everyday in the clubs. Dream 2 IMG's mission is to satisfy today's consumer's demand for a diverse taste in music… and distribute it GLOBALLY!" continues Face.

When you look at the independent labels that have had long term success their success was due to them creating their own sound, identifying their brand and creating a following/fanbase that is dedicated and loyal.  All of which is Dream 2's focus. You can follow the movement @FaceYourDream2