A new way to approach entrepreneurship and community involvement. DreamLifeCatcher.com is a new concept social media website offering real FUN opportunities for members to earn extra income while supporting the cause to end HUNGER IN AMERICA. It's founder and partners are dedicated to contribution of needed supplies and donation to all major Food Banks across the country by committing 50% of corporate profits for this cause . In addition, another 25% will be used for donation to Children's Hospitals and the needs of those children, and their parents. And finally, an additional 10% will be used for events in our own area which will include hot meal preparation, holiday food distribution and gift drives. Our goal is to not only help where ever there is a need, but to also set an example to all privately owned businesses to get involved in their communities. It is our belief that this country needs healing. With over 44 million Americans living under the poverty level, 35% of those being children small business involvement is the only way to curb these serious problems.

We are attempting to raise capital on Indiegogo.com to facilitate the writing and design of the website. We will have a unique approach to this business model by only allowing a maximum membership of 2.5 Million users across the country. No more! This approach allows our business to expand slowly, without the need to concern ourselves with competition from large corporations, with deep pockets. It also allows us to plan and create a sturdier foundation, and a healthier future.

Our goal is to generate $150,000.00 as a start up amount and have a goal of November 1, 2012 as our launch date.

This country is in an economic crisis. Many people are out of work, and in need of some sort of relief. We feel the only way to get through this crisis is to work together and come up with ways of facilitating involvement through the support of small privately owned business. It is good for the economy, and will create an atmosphere of GIVING. A concept that seems to be missing in society today.

We have also dedicated ourselves in support of out of work teachers by creating a voice and platform. We will also commit to hiring at least 25% of our support staff to out of work teachers!

Please see our campaign at Indiegogo.com. We also have many videos posted on YouTube highlighting our reasons for want to do this, what our site will offer to members, and our visions for the future. Search DreamLifeCatcher.com to view them.