DreamPunks aim is to establish itself as the go-to developer for Detailed 3D titles that are built specifically as “Killer Apps” for upcoming or underutilized hardware.

DreamPunks was founded in May of 2015, but the seeds of its foundation were planted at the Nordic Game jam 2015. During the jam, all four founders were part of a team of 7 game developers that developed Prism Warden, an experimental asymmetrical multiplayer game. The game combined two pieces of tech present at the jam: a Dreamoc Holographic display device, and a Tobii EyeX tracker. The team was awarded the Tobii Tech award, for most innovative application of the hardware. After that, part of the team decided to start a company, in order to further pursue development of games that would benefit these and other hardware partners.

In August of 2015, this ideology started the development of DreamPunks first major title: “The Automatician”, expected to be released in Q1 of 2017. In September of 2015, DreamPunks found itself in the unique opportunity to start development on a second game, “The Adamant”. Both of these games are being built from the ground up with Tobii EyeX support in mind.