In 2013, the DRIP team followed some of the rising stars in the coffee world as they were getting ready for the Regional, National, and World Barista Championships. These competitions allowed baristas to showcase their technical skills and creativity as they prepared 12 cups of coffee through 15 minute demonstrations. While this started as a journey for a love of coffee it soon became a fascinating story about the people who dedicated their lives trying to push the limits of a single beverage. This documentary looks at the amazing world of coffee tournaments and the fascinating baristas who compete in them, including Charles Babinski of GO GET EM TIGER and G&B, Truman Severson and Ryan Redden of PORTOLA COFFEE LAB, and Eden-Marie Abramowicz of INTELLIGENTSIA. Directed by Rock Baijnauth (HBO’s The Pirate Tapes), produced by Jimmy Nguyen (Showrunners), executive produced by Christopher Kao (digital media producer )