The simplest way to send a file Website: http://Drop.MX

Mobile access and private file sharing. We don't share your information like Instagram.

What is a drop?
A "drop" is a collection of files you can upload, access or share privately, with or without an account or email address. Only people that know the encrypted URL or password of your drop can access it on DropMX.

What can I store and share?
DropMX lets you create an organzied drop so you can share docs, photos, video, audio, and other files easily. If you send us photos we will make thumbnails and put them in a gallery; if you send us digital media we'll stream it.

How private is a drop?
DropMX is as private as you make it. If you don't release your passworded 8-digit uniquely generated drop url, then it's really private. Your drop, however, is not very private if you publically share your un-passworded drop link.