Dr. Craig S. Rubenstein has over 30 years experience treating patients from all walks of life with problems ranging from vertigo, sports injuries and sciatica to headaches, menstrual related problems and menopausal issues.  Is eclectic approach includes traditional and nontraditional chiropractic care, kinesiology, nutrition and functional neurological approaches.  Dr. Rubenstein graduated from New York chiropractic college in 1989 and has been a student ever since. He’s taken well over 2,000 hrs. of continuing education courses, learning from the best, such as George Goodheart, Major Bertrand DeJarnette, Ted Carrick, Wally Schmidt, Phil Maffetone, Michael Lebowitz, David Denton, ML Reese, Carmine and Vinnie Esposito, John Amaro and Daniel Amen. The blending of all the various teachings and techniques of these giants in their fields into a cohesive, but flexible patient specific diagnostic and treatment protocols are the hallmark of Dr. Rubenstein’s practice.