Dynamic Therapy is exclusively focused on children, period. Every one of our therapists specializes in treating children, and just as importantly, we love kids! Pediatric therapy sometimes seems to a casual observer as nothing but play, and some therapists resent this. At Dynamic Therapy, we would be honored if this could be said about all of our therapy sessions! Play is truly the occupation of children - it is how they learn and develop. Kids with disabilities deserve just as much opportunity to play and have fun as all other children. The most successful therapy sessions are those that present a "just-right challenge." Kids enjoy being challenged as long as there is an opportunity to succeed. Using this approach, we strive to always embed the hard work of therapy into toys, games, or crafts that are age and ability-appropriate.
Our therapists see children in their homes where it is often most convenient for Mom and Dad, but more importantly where the child is most comfortable. Challenging children to build new skills in their own natural environments promotes improved carry-over of skills learned, and many of the most pressing issues for our kids and their families are centered around home routines. Does your child have difficulty getting dressed at an age-appropriate level of independence? Where better to address this than in his own home? Does your child need to work on communicating with her siblings? We can facilitate that interaction in its most natural setting.
In addition to seeing children at home, we go to kids' daycare centers, private schools, or after-care programs for therapy sessions. We have even been known to accompany our little clients to birthday parties, play dates, to the library, or to the park!