Duccats is focused on developing useful and unique applications for creative people of integrity all over the world. We emphasize secure, private, reliable, economical, and sustainable applications with themes of accountability, and fun.

Duccats Payments provide a low-cost alternative for electronic payment processing, aimed at organizations with recurring payment needs.

In addition to the Accountability Apps, Borrow Keeper and Commitment Keeper, Duccats has developed and released JumbleFace, a creative and entertaining iOS game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Exciting new additions are under development.

The first piece of Accountability Apps to launch was Commitment Keeper, a “non-social network” application.  Whereas the current crop of social networks are all about public messages for the moment, Commitment Keeper is about private commitments with possibly long durations.  Only those people immediately involved with a commitment are able to see it.  Commitment Keeper features an “agreement engine” that ensures the commitments have been agreed to by the participants before it is put in force.  Another part of the program’s accountability model is the resolution feedback.  Whether the commitment was successfully fulfilled, or abandoned becomes part of the member’s on-line record.  

The next part of Accountability Apps to launch was Borrow Keeper. Borrow Keeper helps lower the risk of loaning things to others by aiding their return in an unobtrusive but effective way. Borrow Keeper is intended to be used by anybody who wants to help others by lending their things. Good examples are items that often get loaned and forgotten are books, tools, toys, sports equipment, dishes, and household utensils.  The Accountability Apps dashboard will keep both the borrower and the owner informed of the status of the item indefinitely, so that there can be no misunderstanding.

More capabilities for Accountability Apps are coming in the months ahead.  This will include ways of making and tracking pledges and agreements.  There is no charge for low levels of use, and minimal charges for those wanting higher levels of items.

Duccats has also introduced a mobile applications with the launch of Jumble Face, an iOS game that is simple, yet engaging. JumbleFace allows the creation of over a Trillion faces by simply tapping on the iPhone or iPad screen. It provides creative fun for all ages.