In the memoir A Dime’s Worth of Paper Plates, the struggles and triumphs of “The Greatest Generation” come to life in the story of one young man’s journey from the Great Depression through World War II. L. D. (Duke) Hobbs recounts how the Depression disrupts his boyhood in rural Iowa and leads his family to Pecos, Texas. Later, Hobbs experiences the comradery and discipline of Texas A & M, which prepares him for service in the Second World War. The book includes details of Pecos  during the Depression, life at Texas A&M during World War II, and what it was like for a young Texan to fight in the war in Europe. Following his discharge from the army, Hobbs graduated from Texas A & M and began a successful business career. After retirement, he returned to Texas A & M where he taught management and was director of the University’s Center for Executive Management. Hobbs and his wife Laura live in College Station, Texas.