Dunbar Security Products is the division of The Dunbar Companies which designs and distributes customized, tamper-evident plastic bank deposit bags along with a full line of banking supplies and cash management products to help customers improve their security, productivity and profitability.

Dunbar first became involved in the distribution of plastic bank deposit bags following the start-up of the company’s Los Angeles armored car business operations in the mid-1980s. Upon discovering the prevalent use of clear plastic bank deposit bags in use on the West Coast at that time, Dunbar management began considering replacing the then industry-standard, zipper-locking bags with clear plastic ones and introducing them to customers on the East Coast and in other parts of the country. The thought was that the move to clear plastic bank deposit bags would allow everyone involved in handling them to visibly verify the coin, currency, checks and other valuable contents.

Initially, Dunbar obtained their plastic bank deposit bags from a supplier located on the West Coast. However, in 1987, after realizing the business potential for distribution of the plastic bank deposit bags, Dunbar began sourcing the manufacture of the bags and distributing them directly to customers  under the name EZ Audit BankPak. The name of the business unit was changed to Dunbar BankPak in 1996 when all of the various Dunbar operating units were consolidated under the family name.  As the business unit continued to grow, evolve and innovate with the introduction of many new security and cash management products, the name was finally changed to Dunbar Security Products in 2011 to better reflect the full array of products offered.

Since introducing clear plastic bank deposit bags in 1987 – which quickly became the industry standard – and adding on a variety of opaque bags as well, Dunbar Security Products has grown to become an international one-stop shop for a variety of secure cash management products.