Dunster House launches Unique Renewable Energy product.

Dunster House has just launched a new product designed to help target damp, cold, and humidity found in Homes, Small Commercial Buildings, Holiday Homes, Static Caravans and many more applications throughout the UK.

The FreeSolar Air 1.5 units act as a Solar Heater and Dehumidifier which is capable of contributing around 1000kWh of free heat every year.
In addition, it distributes negative ions to balance a home, thus reducing and relieving stress, and generally giving a positive feeling and sense of well being.

Homes with too much humidity from cooking, washing, drying clothes on radiators etc can benefit from the dehumidifying effect, as this helps to drive out the build up of moisture which can be detrimental to your health and the condition of your property.
The FreeSolar Air 1.5 has been tested and developed to create an efficient, eco friendly product designed to minimise energy consumption, reducing CO2 emissions and a households carbon footprint and energy bills.

How it works.
The heat of the sun is used to warm the air within the unit. This air is drawn up and over the heat collector surface and is introduced into a room by a fan, powered exclusively by the sun, requiring no external power source.

With fossil fuel prices escalating, combined with currency fluctuations Dunster House Ltd are 'doing their bit' by progressively offering low cost but energy efficient Eco products with short pay-back periods, all suitable for competent DIY customers. More detailed information can be found on our website