Durisol is the original ICF (Insulated Concrete Form). We provide the only reinforced insulated concrete forms that do not use foam or polystyrene, and is made from Durisol - a proprietary wood concrete material (cement bonded wood fiber). Our system offers a straight-forward method of building a high performance reinforced concrete wall with built-in thermal, acoustical and fire protection.

Durisol ICFs will not burn or melt. The smallest Durisol wall has a 4 hour fire rating, zero flame spread, smoke spread of 11 and no black smoke or toxic fumes created in the event of a fire. Durisol ICFs are also more energy efficient. The insulating thermal mass/dynamic effects are better with Durisol because the insulation is placed primarily on the exterior of the concrete mass. This results in maximum energy efficiency gains due to thermal mass.

Durisol will facilitate improved indoor air quality. The Durisol material is proven to be a hygroscopic material - which means that it has a very large capacity to store and release moisture as required, depending on the environmental conditions. This storage capacity refers to storing moisture in the form of water vapor and increased material moisture content – not liquid water. Also, the Durisol material and wall system is extremely vapor permeable. It does not act as a vapor barrier, but acts as a vapor regulator and keeps indoor RH (Relative Humidity) levels at a healthy and comfortable level. We have conducted full scale wall tests and have proven that Durisol does not allow condensation within the wall cavity when used without a vapor barrier, and maintains RH levels below RH 65-70 naturally.

Durisol ICFs are vermin, termite and insect proof and will not support fungus growth. Durisol is environmentally safe, does not contain nor emit any toxic elements, and is fully recyclable. It contains no plastic, foams or polystyrenes.

Since 1953, Durisol products have been integrated in every type of building application. The recycled content, inherent insulation value, fire protection, ease and speed of building and the moisture resistant capabilities make the system unmatched for most building projects.


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