Performance and Quality are important aspects of every tool manufactured by Situp Products. Made in Australia and exported around the globe these highly competitive products are designed to perform as every end user would expect them to - intuitive, fast acting, high quality.
Peter O'Shannessy, the head designer for Situp Products has an enviable track record of producing innovative concepts that are years ahead of competitors. Always looking for ways to improve tools for the contractor and reducing the manufacturing costs so that retailers are happy to stock them and operators are thrilled with the ease of use and stunning performance.
The latest programs are used to ensure that performance characteristics are thoroughly tested before manufacture and that the most efficient machining and molding methods are employed for their production. This is combined with an analysis of operator control and use to make operation of each tool as simple and easy as possible.
When you purchase a Situp Products tool you can be certain that it will work the way it is supposed to work.