Even though there is over a dozen tattoo parlors in our 12 block radius we are the closest one to the beach and we strive to keep our quality pristine while maintaining affordable rates for everyone’s budget. Dynamic Body Art Institute has come a long way since Michael Anthony Alberta took over this shop in South Beach. The shop catered exclusively to hard-core body-art aficionados and developed a reputation as South Beach’s premier underground parlor for custom tattoos locals can turn to for affordable work. After a 6-year hiatus, Dynamic Body Art Institute once again takes its rightful place as one of the original pillars of the 90’s tattoo establishment; built from the ground up, and bolstered by the portfolios of some of the cities’s most experienced artists. Our roster of talent grows every year. The address may have changed, but not the commitment to artistic excellence. Whatever your vision, stop by and see how Dynamic Body Art Institute can help you turn it into a work of beauty and inspiration.