Our Philosophy:

In a pleasant and friendly manner, we will provide excellent services to our customers.  By focusing on the quality, timeliness and professionalism of our work product, we will deliver confidence to our customer. We will always be honest and straightforward and we will act with honor and goodwill everyday. We value our customers and will always treat the people we encounter as we expect to be treated, with integrity and respect.

We welcome innovation and change by encouraging and supporting modernism, creativity and working with positive attitudes.

In these new difficult economic times, filled with tons of uncertainty for future financial forecasts, we must seek out innovate measures to assure that we are able to create not only new sales, but secure business sales as well. Please visit our website and learn how we have braced for the future.

Our Services:

Our Personal Helpdesk Support Program functions as a resource for customers that want a tech available at all times. This program will cover computer repair labor cost; customer upgrades, software training, questions, how to do’s and custom services can be put together. We believe that computer repairs, maintenance and new installation should be completed and serviced correctly the first time around. We intend to make that our reputation.

IT Networking Services:  Network Consulting companies have cornered the market when it comes to the price of Networking Services. In the Denver Metro Area Major Network repairs average $175 per hour. Oftentimes like cars, parts get left unrepaired or loose so that a return visit is necessary. Due to the complex nature of technology it is hard for a business to decipher the legitimacy of a network repair invoice.

We understand that businesses oftentimes don't have the money and can't justify hiring a full time IT staff. At the same time we understand the extreme cost of setting up technology and how computer repairs cost can affect company’s profits.

We will execute an initial visit where we will assess the clients current Computer and or Network status. We will check for licensed software, determine your systems, application status, perform custom virus and spyware scanning. We will perform regular scheduled visits to assure Computer and Network functionality.
Our Scheduled Maintenance visits will include the following services:
* Computer or Network Backup of Critical files
* Updating of all applications
* System stability test
* Defragging Hard Disk, Hard Disk Clean up
* File Systems maintenance and clean up
* Internet Files and Application maintenance properly

Website design and Search Engine Optimization Services:

We realize that the more companies that join the Internet the more difficult it is to differentiate your company from all the others. At Dynamics Corporation we can coach you on things that can innovate the way your business message is received. We can write advertising and refresh your website content to help explain these changes to your prospects. We can draw more potential customers to your website by increasing your traffic 250% to 1300%. This is an opportunity to make a significant difference to your bottom-line.

• Increase traffic and explode sales
• Dominate/eliminate competition
• Retain a considerable market
• Sustain a viable web presence
• Smile more often
• Brings experience to the table
• Uses the right techniques
• Can be the best money spent
• Will prove his results
• Will charge appropriately

Website Companies: Almost every website design company claims to do search engine optimization but do they actually get the results? Our clients have thousands of top search engine positions; the one's that most companies need for their business to grow. Web Site Placement is not a "we can do that" service. And if you expect your Web Site to have a strategic search engine ranking you have to hire an expert. That's where our new services come in.

Website Optimization: Website optimization results are impeccable and last. It's pure website promotion that increases your traffic through search engine listings. It should be the best money you ever spent on advertising. Search engine placement can make the difference in your company image; it can also outright make a company. We have found that if you want to start a business or increase the sales of an established business the internet can
make that happen. If you place your internet future in the hands of a company that states "we can do that" you might end up with a website without traffic or sales.

Search engine optimization starts with your website, was it built to be search engine compatible?

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