DynastyWealth Property Solutions is a private real estate investment partnership, specialzing in commercial and residential property solutions.  DWPS has been serving the Orange County market as a respected investment company for over 6 years.  Our team has a combined 25 years in the real estate investing business.

DWPS has two divisions in our organization.  The first works directly with homeowners in pre-foreclosure and/or with their real estate agent in the purchase of their home.  The other division specializes in the sale of properties in pre-foreclosure through our various real estate agent relationships and VIP Buyers.

Although we specialize in luxury homes in Orange County, CA, we will also acquire properties that we have determined to be an attractive acquisition for investors or buyers looking for a primary residence.

Short Sale Specialists

As Orange County's Only Luxury Home Short Sale Specialists, our team of seasoned professionals assists homeowners by negotiating down the liens that have been placed on their home. We work with home owners who owe more than their home is worth.  And because we are cash buyers, homeowners and their agents do not pay us for our services.

In paralell, DWPS assists in locating a buyer for their property, working closely with the homeowner and/or their agent. It creates a win-win situation for both parties by presenting the homeowner an option before their property is foreclosed upon, and by achieving the criteria of the buyer.

We routinely act as a liaison between foreclosing lenders and Home Owners and are extremely knowledgeable about the foreclosure process in California.

Benefits of Sellers working with DynastyWealth Property Solutions include:

    1.  We Specialize in Luxury Home Short Sales

     2.  You Can Stay in the Home Throughout the Process

    3.  Sell Your Home "As-Is".  No Need to Make Repairs

     4.  We have full-time negotiators hired from banks working for you

     5.  We'll pay for credit restoration for you once we close

     6.  You won't pay us one thin dime for our services

     7.  We can make an offer in 48 hours

Meeting The Needs of Home Buyers

We routinely meet the demand of propective buyers interested in discounted real estate.  Through our expertise and well-developed network of specialists, DYNASTYWEALTH PROPERTY SOLUTIONS has successfully negotiated transactions throughout Southern California.

If you are interested in buying your next property and need some guidance on where to go for solid advice, let us know.

We can help with the following:

•Investment / rehab properties
•Rental properties and positive cash flow
•Your next dream home
If you are interested in buying your next home soon we may be able to help and you may be able to obtain a great property at a deeply discounted price. If you want to be put onto our preferred notification VIP Buyers list contact our office.

We are the unparallel leaders in the industry.  We provide stability and solutions to uncertain situations.  If you are a distressed homeowner or interested Buyer feel free to contact us for a free analysis.