E-Z SPIN® brand freestyle discs from E-Z SPIN DISCS, INC. are specially designed patented coned freestyle discs that allow the user to spin the disc on your finger E-Z! compared to all flat discs currently being sold on the market! Other freestyle discs will never be able to match the quality of E-Z SPIN® brand freestyle discs because many of them have manufacturing defects that inhibit smooth spinning action as well as poor manufacturing materials such as partial recycled plastics and additives that actually peel from the underside of the disc. E-Z SPIN® brand freestyle discs are made of 100% PRIME plastics and have NO manufacturers defects! With very little practice you will be able to do tricks like the pros with E-Z SPIN® brand freestyle discs but with other discs you may have to work at it for years!
E-Z SPIN® name and logo is a registered trademark and brand name of E-Z SPIN DISCS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.