E2 Consulting’s primary business objective is to offer technical solutions to business problems. We demonstrate that cost, service & quality can be positioned equally to maximize the benefit and ROI to the client through employee and client centric engagements.

We will couple innovative expertise with clients’ business, technical and cultural needs in order to achieve the highest degree of employee-client satisfaction. Our solutions will be delivered through full solution development and staff augmentation.

Our resources have industry experience with strategic planning, change management, resource allocation, career planning, performance management, team management implementation, project planning/control, mergers & acquisitions and business design
Industries include healthcare, pharmacy, insurance, retail, hydro-electricity, and natural gas.

E2 Consulting is focused on providing world class information technology outsourcing expertise to large-scale clients. We are driven to provide best of breed services that enable value enrichment throughout the client’s IT organization. Enrichment that we believe comes from the strategic marriage of innovative expertise, highly evolved service drivers, robust tools and rigorous methodologies.

We recognize that the foundation of every organization is its Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure, and that this foundation is in place to support your main business functions and services. Because of the nature of this support, and the diversity among business models such as functional or cross-functional, it is equally important to recognize that IT Strategy is what drives your IT organization as your corporation evolves.

E2 offers two primary service divisions to address the myriad of needs your business may have for Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure and IT Strategy. Where our Enterprise Infrastructure Services will help you to re-define and transform the very foundation of your IT organization, our IT Strategy Services will enrich your IT organization with exceptional resources and unparalleled results. We believe that ROI (return on investment) should be realized through a balance between cost-effectiveness, refined techniques, appropriate tools and quality deliverables; that quality is transmitted through process at every step, and doesn’t come at the expense of other factors in the matrix; and that due diligence in clearly defined tasks and artifacts guarantee a predictable product.

Our proprietary methodologies include CRRSP - Comprehensive & Robust Requirements Specification Process; IIEMO Change Management - Inform, Involve, Evolve, Maintain & Observe; RMM - Resource Maturity Model and VIP - Value Impact Planning. These are utilized in specifically tailored combinations in order maximize the benefit to the client.