An acknowledgment raises a delightful mind as well as extreme pleasure if it relates to the self-invention of any technology. It is highly recommended for the entire world to avoid the fatal consequence of global warming when the earth is suffering from abhorrent global warming due to the millions of tons of carbon emitted every year throughout the world. More or less, the present world has been updated wholly with the latest technologies and has suddenly awakened an innovative technology that gets its optimal support everywhere. The combination of the latest technology, as well as high reliability, brings extent importance to the entire core current users. In this segment, EAPRO Global Ltd. can be considered the world-based solar technology provider.
The founder and a recognized scientist, Mr. Jagdeep Chauhan (MD), invented the most popular digital signal processor (DSP)-sine wave inverter technology in 2002. This message has spread worldwide and brought a great technological presence to India globally. The combination of DSP technology with an inverter is not only a reliable solution but also a constant digital display of solar or non-solar power backup.
A reliable inverter manufacturer:
EAPRO Global Ltd. is solely a reliable DC to AC converter manufacturing company, and they create innovatively designed solar panels according to the demand for agricultural or industrial power backup solutions. Here is the available battery, DSP sine wave inverter technology for their valuable customers. We provide a wide range of solar PCUs, including variants with reliable features according to the requirements.
•     For interrupted power supply, DSP-based inverters are highly recommended for all industrial fields.
•     It is included with a remote control monitor along with maintaining the battery gravity charge at low mains.
•     It is low-cost maintenance and highly recommended for overload and minimal DC protection.
•     It supplies the highest quality electricity by protecting household appliances with the help of solar panel assembly.