Core Values:
Electron Beam Engineering provides high-energy beam welding services and equipment. By utilizing the knowledge, experience, ingenuity and dedication of our employees, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations through competitive pricing, top quality products and on-time delivery. We continuously seek new ways to improve and refine our business by working together and building trusting relationships.

Company History:
Electron Beam Engineering is a family owned small business, which manufactures and exports their own unique line of electron beam welding machines in addition to running a successful electron beam and laser welding job shop.  It was founded in 1991 by their CEO, Richard Trillwood who has had similar businesses in the field of precision welding for over 40 years.

The owners are:  Richard Trillwood, CEO; Grant Trillwood (son) General Manager; Tom Hurt (son-in-law) Production Manager.

The company performs precision welding using lasers and electron beams primarily for the aerospace and medical device industries.  In the last two years, the company has developed a range of electron beam welding machines to replace their aging fleet of production machines.  These machines are the first of their type to be designed and manufactured in the USA for the precision welding of small parts.

The company originally located in Santa Ana California purchased a new building in Anaheim in 2006, and had it fitted out specifically to suit the manufacturing processes.

Sales have grown steadily from 1.3M in 2005 to 2.7M in 2008 (year end in 6/30)

Electron Beam Engineering is Nadcap approved and is currently pursing ISO 9001:2000 & AS9100 registration.

Leadership Role:
Electron Beam Engineering is the only EB/Laser welding job shop and EB machine manufacturer in Anaheim.  Our machines are used worldwide with our main exports so far to Canada.  They are used for a wide variety of applications such as oil exploration instrumentation, aerospace, medical devices, as well as the manufacture of machinery parts for such applications as making plastic bottles.  Our job shop services are used by companies nationwide, but with predominance in California.

Support for Employees
Despite being a small company Electron Beam Engineering provides free health benefit to their employees and their dependents along with a generous vacation plan and paid holidays.  They offer a clean and air conditioned working environment, and all employees are trained for their particular roles.  Additional schooling for employees is also paid for by the company.

Giving Back to the Community:
The company donates over $20,000 to charitable causes via the CEO who is on the board of directors of Vocational Visions a non-profit organization in Mission Viejo, CA serving the developmentally disabled.

Green Business Practices:
Electron Beam Engineering’s equipment design incorporates energy saving techniques not found in similar machines, such as their “silent running” feature where electric motors for vacuum pumps are only switched on when required.  This equipment has zero waste, no effluent, no gas consumption, and only use a minimal amount of electricity.

Contact Information:
Grant Trillwood               General Manager / Sales     714-491-5990 Ext. 109    
Tammy Hanks     Business Operations Manager     714-491-5990 Ext. 101    
Richard Trillwood     CEO / Machine Sales         714-491-5990 Ext. 110