EBMD is a socially responsible double bottom line medical product development company that both donates free products and distributes a portion of its profits to those in need, all in an effort to return to society more than it receives. It's mission is to bring better health and wellness to all.

The company works with doctors and healthcare professionals, applying Evidence Based Medical and Healthcare practice to its product design process. The result is some of the most advanced healthcare products available. Principally meant for personal home use, the therapy they bring is equivalent to if not better than that available from a visit to a doctor's office. For example, its new SinuRelief medical device treats all 12 of the known causes of sinusitis, and will help bring relief to the over 851 million sinusitis sufferers worldwide.

EBMD is also a world leader in the development of algorithm driven software analytics that allow doctors to track from their office their patient's health indicators as they live each day. A modern version of the old practice of doctors making home visits, this form of medical oversight works through smart phones, PCs and digital communications. With EBMD’s MyDoctor© your personal physician is only a Tweet away.