The ECO Fuel Enhancer product has been on engines for over ten years This low cost reducer of Pollution and Fuel consumption is guaranteed to work. It has a 90 day full refund guarantee and a five year Manufacturers limited warrantee for defects.

The ECO Fuel Enhancer's biggest customers are schools and government agencies. They are also the most proficient customers. Our products have passed all the tests and are installed on over seven thousand school buses (7,000+). Tested and passed EPA testing along with thousands of happy ECO Fuel Enhancer users.

We are proud to offer a Low Cost product that requires no maintenance, uses no chemicals and has no problems. Fuel savings can range from 6.5% to 26% depending on engine and load. Pollution is reduced +/- 80%, many older vehicles use it to lower Hydro Carbons (HC) in states where Emission Testing is required.

Life expectancy is 40 years, when you change vehicles the unit and can be removed and reinstalled on a similar engine. In a most cases the ECO Fuel Enhancer pays for itself in the first 90 days.

Diesel engines love the ECO Fuel Enhancer! Proven to work and is easy to install. Check out our website, call or email us to order or for more information.