All surfboards are made with some of the most toxic and non biodegradable chemicals and petroleum based materials - acetone, resins, fiberglass and polyfoams.

A surf technology company called EcoSurfGreen in Hawaii has just launched their new line of uniquely, recycled surfboards that are repaired and refurbished under a set of their own creative guidelines which eliminate nearly 100% of toxic materials.

The surfboard industry relies heavily on petroleum based products and materials – acetones, resins, fiberglass and polyfoams, plastic and vinyls.

A very creative and unique approach to recycling and refurbishing / repairing old surfboards once ready for the dump has been developed by Ecosurfgreen in Hawaii.

The company's unique and creative process involves repairs utilizing rice for fillers and glue to fill “dings”, old tree bark instead of fiberglass and used, ground up charcoal for paint pigment.

Even the nose guards and tail guards have been replace with coconut husks as “bumpers”.

The surfboards look so cool and “primitive” that the Hawaii's premiere local Bishop Museum is using them as part of their upcoming “History of Surf” exhibit from June 19th to Aug 19, 2010.

Their new line of “totally earth friendly” surfboards follow their company guidelines:

1) no toxic petroleum based glues or adhesives
2) no fiberglass
3) no resins
4) no plastics
5) no nose or tail guards

Coming in the future is retro-fitting the surfboards to work with their line of surf simulators that are hooked up to computers and help train people with learning to surf and develop core balance.

Aloha and Mahalo!