EConsulting (TM) is an eco-conscious company that believes in and supports conservation, sowing and reaping organic food, being good stewards of the Earth, educating others, and utilizing our diverse skills and knowledge base to help "engineer a better future (TM)."

We are committed to making positive changes by offering our products and services to interested individuals, companies, and organizations because we know that it takes a "group of committed citizens" working together to combat the problems that we humans have created.

Our mission is based on the 3 pillars of sustainability:

Environmental Stewardship
- To offer environmentally friendly products and services to our customers; promote environmental education and awareness, especially to the youth through community and school gardens; and disseminate educational materials and to the community-at-large.

Social Responsibility
- To work with and within the community-at-large to help bring creative solutions to the complex problems that it faces and to promote open source technologies.

Economic Prosperity
- To be an asset to the local economy by purchasing local products.

The "great work" that must take place will not be easy, but rather challenging because in the "web of life" everything is connected and inter-related, which means that in creating solutions, a holistic and encompassing approach must be taken. This is why we sell heirloom and/or organic seeds and offer consulting for planning and designing your plot and acting as a personal gardener.  We also distribute open source software on CDs and offer writing services.