Edista Testing Institute [ETI] is a talent partner for leading IT organization globally providing Talent Acquisition, Management and Transformation solutions in Software Testing. Through our structured competency assessments based on proprietary competency framework UCFT [Universal Competency Framework for Testing] we aid organizations assess precisely the competencies of a potential hire to evaluate the job fitment or an employee to identify the his/her training needs, do project allocation, to conduct objective performance appraisals and evaluate training effectiveness through pre and post training assessments. With a network of 27+ Authorized Education Partners and programs customized to suit the organizations context, we support organizations in meeting their annual demand for quality fresh hires in Software Testing. We support organizations in managing, transforming and retaining their talent by providing training programs, e-learning programs, supporting in-house drive to assist employees obtaining software testing certifications. Through International Software Testing Conferences and Test Republic (www.testrepublic.com - an online community of Software Testing professionals) we strive towards advocating and furthering the profession of Software Testing.

ETI is a venture of QAI Global Institute.

To effectively address the challenges of talent acquisition, engagement, transformation and talent recognition by providing software testing talent management solutions to companies around the world.


The main charter for the ETI is as follows:
To evangelize software testing as a career option amongst students
To address challenges of employability and shortage of entry level resources in Software Testing.
To develop innovative mechanisms of effectively imparting Software Testing education so as to make the students ready deployable.
To focus on developing scale so as to make an impact at an industry level
To create knowledge platform for interactions between software testing professionals
To create frameworks that will help organizations hire better, know the competency  gaps, align L&D plans etc.
To provide learning solutions that will help organizations close on the competency gaps.