When developing leaders of tomorrow, organizations cannot just check the woman box and forget to evaluate diversity and inclusion. The Employee to CEO Project is for multicultural individuals who are aspiring to become Executive or C-Suite Leaders and New Entrants or Mid-Managers who want to build business acumen and leadership competencies.

We provide you with the platform to get you from the Employee Desk to the CEO Chair. Our programs are focused on upending the statistics that say, minority individuals cannot ascend to key leadership roles. We help individuals clarify their career goals, create their leadership vision, and create a plan to move the vision into action.

Our solutions include mentoring and coaching as well as active group discussions, fostering career dialogs, curated and facilitated business leadership guidance, and access to tools and strategies used by experienced business leaders to advance their careers. A community of individuals with one single goal helping members advance their careers.

As a business leader of tomorrow, The Employee to CEO Project will propel your career and serve as a platform to build your business leadership skills.